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IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing leadership and innovative programs to improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, and foster pluralistic civil society development.

IREX has supported independent media in Serbia since 1997. IREX works with over 30 independent media outlets and organizations to support the development of skills and capacity of the journalists through training, consulting and small grants.

We hope this website will help you learn more about IREX and its media partners in Serbia. We will do our best to update it regularly with information on our activities.

Serbia Media Assistance Program in Serbia is funded by USAID. Please contact us if you have any comments, suggestions or questions.

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Radio advertising despite the crisis


When the economy is down radio ads move merchandise and get things going. This is why IREX Serbia facilitated series of trainings and on-site consultations:  Selling Radio Advertising in a Challenging Economy and Improving Collections” for the local radio stations sales personnel between March 23 to April 4.

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Economic Reporting Training - Making local sense of a global crisis

economic reporting 1

 The economic meltdown is on.  Citizens and the government structures of Serbia are facing a difficult year.   In Sandzak region, for instance, the unemployment rate is increasing, factories are closing up, the municipal budget resources are limited and grey market is flourishing. Local, commercial media across Serbia are struggling for survival.  Citizens need reliable economic reporting  more than ever because the economic crisis is affecting their lives. 


Ten journalists from local media across Serbia will report on these and many other consequences of the economic crisis in their communities. They participated in the USAID-supported Economic Reporting training that took place in Belgrade from 14 to 16 of March.

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Media Sustainability Index (MSI) 2008

MSI provides  an analysis of the media environment in Serbia during 2007 and together with previous versions shows trends in the media sector since 2001. Since the MSI was first conceived in 2000 and launched in 2001, in cooperation with the Unites States for International Development (USAID), it has evolved into a key benchmark study to assess how media structures change over time and accross borders.

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Training for leaders of professional media associations

IREX announces a three day training for leaders of professional media associations in Serbia from June 4th to 6th.

The training, which is organized in cooperation with OSCE will focus on advocacy, fundraising, public relations and communication, as a means of improving the self-sustainability of professional media associations.

Trainers are all practitioners with regional and worldwide experience in communications strategies, while the participants include representatives of ANEM (Association of Intependent Electronic Media), Local Press Association, NUNS (Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia), UNS (Association of Journalists of Serbia), NDNV (Independent Society of Journalists of Vojvodina), and A-Media.


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